Porta Norte is a pedestrian oriented town, of more than 80 blocks, designed around the principles of the New Urbanism.

It is envisioned to be the biggest walkable urbanism in all of Panama. Our vision is to create a vibrant place where people can have an active lifestyle, while covering most of the basic daily needs.

The New

Casco Viejo

The City of Porta Norte is inspired by the Casco Viejo, the old historic walkable district of Panama.

Porta Norte follows the concept of complete European towns. It will have low-rise buildings, mixed-use, pedestrian, plazas, parks, schools, temples, a sports club, access to nature and much more.

This is why we call it a city.


Wide sidewalks

Fruit trees

Fire stations


Coffee shops



Handicap friendly



Pet Friendly

Day Care Centers

Walking trails






Sports Center

Continuous balconies

Health Centers


Children’s Park


The New Urbanism

Mobility and complete streets is a priority in our urban design. Porta Norte will have dedicated bike lanes, trolleys, big sidewalks, shared streets and pedestrian plazas.

Porta Norte will have dedicated bike lanes, trolleys, big sidewalks, shared streets and pedestrian plazas.

Porta Norte will be the biggest walkable space in Panama. It will be the only urbanism where children, people with disabilities and the elderly are able to move free by themselves.

Blue Zones

Did you know?

Blue Zones are places around the world where people have the most longevity in the world. Sometimes reaching to 90 and 100 yrs of age.

The most important commonalities amongst these places are exercising regularly and having a good social life. In Porta Norte everyone will be able to be in a place that helps you thrive and achieve your goals.

Porta Norte

is for all ages


Campo Norte is one of the projects that will be located within Ciudad Porta Norte, developed by URBE.

A residential development integrated into the urban fabric of Porta Norte.

Market Plaza Porta Norte, Ciudad de Panamá

A pedestrian-oriented commercial center right at the entrance of Porta Norte. It will have a focus on entertainment and convenience for the residents of Porta Norte, neighbors and any visitor.

Lots for Developers

Porta Norte sells land to real estate developers, companies or institutions to build their projects under the vision and architecture code of Porta Norte.

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